Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Author Interview: C.C. Humphreys

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Tell me a little about yourself and your writing.
I am an actor/writer/fight choreographer - though mainly focusing on novels these days. I began writing plays and had two produced, in London, Calgary, and Vancouver. But I always dreamed of being an historical fiction novelist. I had the idea for French Executioner in a gym when I looked ay my neck and thought how easy a target it would be for the executioner's sword. Six years later I began writing it... and a career was born!

I have written nine novels in eight years: six adult and three young adult. People read my work and say: Ooh, I can see the film! My acting background I suppose - big on visuals and character.

Tell me about the story that you've created a soundtrack/ playlist for.
I used the following playlist as I wrote my latest novel, VLAD: THE LAST CONFESSION. I was at a retreat on the west coast of Vancouver Island, overlooking the pounding Pacific in a remote cabin and these tracks seemed to fit for reasons that are largely unexplainable. Taking me to other places, other times.

What is your playlist?
I call the whole thing after one song: 'Please read the letter.'

Love Her Madly - The Doors. Used to live in LA. Loved it, hated it. Same goes for her. This is love.

New York, New York - Ryan Adams. Ditto NYC

In These Shoes - Kirsty MacColl. Sexy, funny, great horn section.

Sultanas de Merkaillo - Ojos de Brujo. Parents lived in Spain. Wanted to be able to say I was into Acid flamenco. I am.

Nothin' - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. I love stories in songs. This is tragedy.

I'm Set Free - The Velvet Underground. Theme music that closed my first play. Set free to find a new illusion? Yupp!

Loose Change - Bruce Springsteen. An obscure track from the best storyteller.

Constellations - Jack Johnson. A stargazer/storyteller's song.

Nocturne in C Sharp Minor - Chopin. Heartbreak. And what cello!

Picture This - Blondie. Just because its my favourite ever romantic pop song. 'I would gve you my finest hour/the one I spent, watching you shower'

The Raggle Taggle Gypsy - The Waterboys. Explosive Celtic lust.

Seven Nation Army - White Stripes. One to march to.

Please Read the Letter - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. Heartbreak again. The misunderstandings of love and the difficulties of words.

What does music mean to you? To your writing? What kind of music do you like to write to?
I use music as an escape from writing. I never write to music. That's why, even though I am immersed in 15th century Romania, I can escape to 20th Century LA with The Doors. Or I need to calm after a hectic battle. Chopin works!

If this story was made into a movie, who would you want to do the soundtrack?
The guy who did the music to 'Last of the Mohicans' [Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman]

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